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If you exercise regularly can you eat what you want?

Regular exercise is the ideal way to lift your mood, boost your energy levels, manage your weight and help you sleep better.

But does this mean that if you exercise well, you won't need to worry about your food routine?

Here are 3 things to consider


Exercise can keep you looking healthy but external appearances do not constitute the full picture and say nothing about how healthy you are on the inside.

Everything you eat and drink can have a positive or negative effect on the optimum operating environment within your body and although exercise can mitigate the impact of some negative food choices it cannot completely offset any damage done.


Exercise boosts energy but if you're not fuelling yourself well there's a glass ceiling on how good your energy levels will ever be.

If you find that you're more focused and more productive when you exercise, just imagine how effective you could be when you combine an active lifestyle with a regular, quality food routine.


If you're a regular exerciser, chances are that you enjoy getting active. It's also likely that you feel some improvement in your fitness levels by maintaining exercise in your schedule but no athlete would rely on exercise alone to achieve their optimal results and neither should you.

The bottom line

With a regular exercise routine you'll be fit but not necessarily as healthy as you could be.

And even your hard-earned fitness could be compromised if not supported by eating healthily.

So, check your food routine for anything that you think is detracting from your ability to exercise well and recover promptly, and put a plan together to replace some of the suspect items with choices that will maximise your energy to work out and allow your body to recover and repair more quickly.

Remember to keep your approach to healthy eating simple.

1. Identify the elements of your food routine that work for you and maintain or increase these elements.

2. Identify the elements of your food routine that you suspect are not in-keeping with your healthy living aims and experiment with alternatives until you hit on what works best for you.

3. Review your approach regularly and do a little more of what works and less of what doesn't each week. Very soon you'll find yourself with a schedule of healthy eating that's easy to maintain with just a few minutes of planning each week.

This approach will bring quicker and more dramatic results which will in turn boost your motivation to stay on track with healthy choices in every area of your routine.

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