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Common sleep issues and what to do about them

Here's where we look at some sleep issues many people face at some point and provide some tips on how to reduce their impact.

If you suffer from any of the above issues at any time, there’s one thing you should always do...

Find out what’s really going on then take your evidence to your GP or a sleep expert

The more information you can gather on your sleep the better. Many people are recommended to keep a sleep diary which is great advice but, given that scientists refer to the sleep-wake cycle rather than working only with the hours that you’re meant to be asleep, the most effective approach is to keep a diary that notes as much about your daily and nightly routine as possible.

For your waking hours note down your food routine – what you eat and drink, and when – your activity, an overview of what you get up to through the day and any moments of stress or relaxation. For night time note down, when you go to bed, roughly when you fall asleep, when you wake up during the night, how long you’re awake for, what you do while you’re awake and when you wake up and get up in the morning. Also note down any periods of tiredness you experience during the day.



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